March 7, 2010


listening to brian eno and harold budd. ambient textures for the ear. yum + sigh.

late at night. work tomorrow. still, up.

perhaps it was the epic nap i shared with the queen today.

so wonderful to see him again; all is extraordinarily well on that front. there has been eating, and sleeping, and other wonderful activities. a fire at the gnome home last night, beautiful espresso in the morning, a visit to one of the queen's many brothers and his adorable offspring. i certainly don't think all kids are cute (although the continuing ovulation thing really does seem to help them evolve from scary, amoral beasts to lovable, amoral could-be-peoples; it's crazy how much the mind belongs to the body, though we're sold on being these mythical selves with our own well-thought-out opinions) but it's pretty hard to refuse a "clark kent" with huge nerd glasses and a superman costume underneath who wanders over, grins affectionately at you without saying a word, pauses for a moment of eye contact and then flits off to torment his toddler sister.

i missed the dogs, which surprised me, since i still think a cat person shouldn't be attached to these dog-breath creatures who were madly excited to see me (which i really enjoyed). i think they're spoiling me for the meagre but refined affections of the feline. for two days i abandoned them to the chef, and only came back this evening (to a table full of sushi, including something battered in gram flour, so i could eat it. mmmm, battered things. i think it was chicken?). oh, and on the subject of tasty meat, for breakfast today we had bison saskatoon sausage from first nature farms. oh the glory. oh the farmers' market glory. oh.

seeing the queen again... wow. i know i've already mentioned, but it's amazing. nothing like six weeks of brewing love, and longing, to really make a reunion. i was trying to find an adjective for the reunion, but none suffice. wonderful doesn't cover the depth, epic doesn't express how soft it feels. memorable is the closest, but fails to convey the giddiness.

a wise friend of the gnomes was at the fire last night, and mentioned that when she looked at us, she kept seeing us as old. she congratulated us on being together.

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