July 31, 2012

don't diss the beige

holy crap!

went to a nice little festival, and it was two thirds a nice little festival and one third a total shit show. and which third do i carry home in my tummy, roiling around like a wounded weasel? that's right.

fortunately (for me) none of the (i'm going to use other people's words here, since it was their shizzle) 'intensity', 'drama', 'heartbreak' or 'unresolved anger' was mine. unfortunately for me, tension doesn't have to be mine for me to feel it, feed it and bring it home.

i'm going to do that bitchy thing now and not give any details out about anyone else's life. i know, i lead you on and then i leave you hanging. i can at least tell you that since i'm already upset about shit, i will do my best to witness some kind of process for those desiring some kind of process, and leave those alone who are asking to be left out of it.

... and maybe lay to rest the poor weasel who never did anything unweasel-like to anyone, yet somehow got dragged into this whole thing.

the queen is heading off to ireland in less than a week, for a three-week family trip (the dumpling and i were invited, but there are stag parties and other events that helped me decide to hold off and do a separate trip years later, with more b&bs and less pubs). during this time of solace and neatness the dumpling and i are going to spend a few days up in the city, take in a day of music festival, and of course i am planning to train her in my witchy ways. but that happens every day, so it's not really news.

after the queen returns, we will head off to visit the awesomes. i look forward to a more peaceful time, with less drinking, less yelling and just as much music.

one interesting thing about the festival is that our campsite saw two different lifestyles, and i got to watch the citizens interact. i saw ignorance, compassion, missed opportunities, new friendships, some people getting judged for other people's actions (and i saw that too much for my own comfort - i don't like it when people get lumped together), awkward sharing ("here, i made you some bacon... oh, you're vegan..."), and the neutrals.

i love the neutrals. we are a secret tribe who find something pleasurable in everyone. we tend not to be offended, and sometimes you don't remember our names, but you generally think of us as nice people. when mixing two different cultures together at one campsite, having neutrals heightens the chances of success. because we are neutral, we tend to blend in, so you might not know or notice that we help smooth the rough edges. we tend to blend in with our group, but that's sort of the point. we blend in with your group too. 

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