August 17, 2012

off to the chem lab

well, the stuff that had me occupied in the previous entry kept me busy for a while. eventually i expressed myself enough (often in the form of complaining, though there was some observation and confusion as well) and to the right people (this was the key bit, i think) and 'processed' it. i now strongly dislike that term.

my favourite quotes from friends include: "good ruckus turned to dark ruckus and took a number of lights down with it" and "freaking out is not part of your emotional process. it's just freaking out".

now i have an anger hangover.

the queen is back in less than a week. i have a friend coming by with her hypo-allergenic dog for a li'l visit, and we have visits out to the farm for the next couple of days to water the dogs and flowers. when he gets back, we are off to visit the awesomes. it feels like a family reunion, the first one since that time we all got food poisoning :)

it's been interesting to be sans queen for the past couple of weeks. i find myself enlightened to be seeing what has changed in my behaviour, and what has stayed the same. the dumpling has claimed an extra passport photo of his and kisses it. it breaks my heart to see that affection she is maintaining for the queen.

i'm finding myself, both personally and socially, interested now in how to solve common challenging circumstances. i've spent time observing and identifying what usually fucks me/us up, now i want to problem-solve.

how do i/we deal with intrusive shit? what are "friendly barriers" we can build, how can i strengthen my support beams?

- emotionally
- logically
- crisis planning

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