November 18, 2011

more nothing or more than nothing

okay, while i have some time (exclamation mark).

the queen went to costco today (in a hideous and fascinating tidbit, we are down to one third of that jar of mayo). i've been trying to make room for the quarter of a steer we're getting in a couple of weeks, and i am proud to say i stuffed the healthy stack of freezer goods (and i use the term 'healthy' as an adjective meaning 'of some size') into the fridge freezer and left the stand-up freezer undisturbed. it is fallow.

if the queen sees things that say "organic" and "gluten-free" he tosses them into the cart knowing i'll be all aglow, so there are often a few surprises. today he surprised me with a super-funky bean mix (seriously, i didn't think mixed beans could get down, but these beans get down like nobody's business) with several quick and easy methods of preparation posted on the back that have me mildly excited.

i've been arranging dried flowers every now and then, and it quite pleases and satisfies me. i feel weird about how much i enjoy it. it's a hobby i didn't see myself having. oh well. guess who we see ourselves as isn't always who we turn into. who knows.

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