November 26, 2011

if only i took notes

again, the witticisms have passed and i am left only with the knowledge that it has been some time since i have blogged.

things (exclamation mark). we had a little bird visiting for a few days. culinary delights ensued. we made sushi, which was awesome, and then he hooked us up with a moroccan dish and rice pudding... the plethora of food left over gave me the courage and necessity to make salmon patties. he made me a sandwich. dang, it has been a very long time since someone has made me a sandwich. i find myself remembering especially lousy days in the service industry when i found myself craving the other end of the consumer interaction - having sold things all day, i needed to buy something in an elementary attempt to right the imbalance. it was the same with the sandwich. i have been feeding two other people for a while now, and it was really, really lovely to have someone make ME something. specifically for me.

the queen has gone to visit the awesomes. the dumpling and i were scheduled to go with him, but it seems healthier for he and i to take separate vacations right now, so while i am sad to miss out on the awesomes, i know the benefits will extend into our lives.

and i am already feeling freer in the household than i have in a while. which is mildly disturbing, because i would like to feel this free all the time. at least in my own home, yes?

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