March 23, 2011

all about food, mostly

things i miss about gluten:

1. chinese bakeries. oh god, the white flour and sugar. give me another red bean cake.
2. ichiban noodles. seriously, the queen still eats these and i sit by quietly, embarassed to admit i am jealous. but there ain't nothing like ichiban.
3. coffee shop pastries, and their fake goodness. also, their ability to stave off "woke up too late for breakfast" hunger on one's way to work. gluten-free people have to keep a stash of granola bars. it's not as much fun.
4. late night evil pizza. 'nuff said.
5. naan bread. i don't want to talk about it.

fatten up the post-surgery kid:

everyone wants to fill my hollows, and the queen, who has a bad costco habit (i found the wikipedia page on costco to be rather fascinating), came home with breakfast sausages and hashbrown patties that are gluten-free, and told me with deep satisfaction in his voice that i would soon be fat. he threatened me with large amounts of mayo from the costco-sized (think texas) jar of mayo he came home with, since i still hadn't made the homemade mayonnaise i had been talking about for months now. geez.

more post-surgery updates:

i feel more normal, and can pick up the peanut for longer, but still need to work on posture and deep breathing. still, i am starting to be able to sit up without grappling with my hands at the pillows, and help more around the house. i cleaned up some things that had been bothering me since i came home, and feel proud of myself. these activities are part of my healing process.

today i had my first great cry about it. short but intense, the tears were provoked by one of those feel-good birthing stories, where the child's health was at risk but everyone worked together and helped restore it. i then realised how many people contributed to saving my life and i burst into tears at how cared for and vulnerable that makes me feel. did you know apparently they take all your organs out and put them on the table while they mess around in your body? yeah, i'm visualizing it too. creepy.

the queen and i are valiently trying to maintain our relationship. today we shared some really nice cuddles while the peanut was napping, and i realised that when she sleeps between us, we don't get to touch as much. this part of co-sleeping sucks. also, she's a loud dreamer.

i can see how parents get so involved with the tasks of parenting that they forget the bigger picture. there isn't much time for pondering, and when you get it, you don't know how long until you'll be called back to the world (but probably less than half an hour).

life is good. if it would only stop snowing.

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