October 18, 2010

because i am THIS interesting.

what a relaxing day!

the hospital didn't have my results yesterday, so we stayed another day here with the titian-haired nutritional vixen and her sweet cat. the queen came down with a flu-like thing, so he stayed in bed yesterday and today, suffering. i visited with some lovely ladies yesterday, spent a lot of time eating, and did nothing much. today, the vixen was working and then teaching a night nutrition class, so i have had a real house to myself all day. i forgot how much strength i get from solitude. i did some things you can only do with running water, and tidied up the bus a bit. i had cups and cups of liquid (score is 8 cups water and 3 cups tea so far), farted around on the internet, and learned that the hospital thinks the penicillin they gave me is doing the trick. i have to get myself checked out again when the pill bottle is empty just to make sure, but other than that we are free to go.

i think this pregnancy thing might be what i need to get over my fear of mainstream healthcare practicioners. i am already an expert at peeing in a cup.

we are a bit behind schedule. we only have a schedule because we have tickets to see the books (yay i am so excited!) in montreal this weekend. so in the next two days, we are visiting a friend in toronto (who would probably want you to watch this video if she were allowed to express a political opinion), a family in marmora and two friends in ottawa. then we hit montreal, where we intend to stay for a few days and soak up some lovely, lovely culture. like food. and books. and, for the queen, beer.

i want to know when i can eat m&m's again. yes really. i miss them. i want to say i'm dreaming about them, but in reality i am having far more disturbing dreams than that. i don't want to get into them because i know dreams are only interesting to the person who has them and anyone who makes a cameo appearance in someone else's dreams. but they have been weird. i would welcome a dream about m&m's. mmmm, sugar.

the vixen's cat is curled up on my hoodie in a very proprietary manner. named poz, this cat is small and affectionate, complains vociferously if you are not sitting down for her pleasure and will carve out a lap given the tiniest sliver of horizontal surface. it's not just the cat that comforts me here. the lovely art and textile hangings, the creative pottery, the great selection of books and music; the vixen has a lovely home and has shared it so well with us. it has been a welcome respite in the ongoing "where are we going to shower?" game which will begin again tomorrow. onward, hank!


  1. Are you baby-bumping yet? Do we get baby-bump photos? Also, I need to send a whacky baby-present to your baby shower, assuming you have one. So give me info when you know. :D

  2. I want to hear these dreams. And why can't you have M&Ms? -Alison

  3. Yeah. why would you not eat M&Ms if ya want to?

  4. the antibiotics for the UTI mess with the yeast balance in my body. given my track record with M&Ms (alison knows i can eat a large bag in an evening, no problem) i don't want to put that much sugar in my body.