December 7, 2009

travelling where i am

sitting at the dining room table, eating an amazing curry i made myself after discovering okra at the nearby grocery store. i have been shopping for food in my old neighbourhood, figuring that my desire for local, possibly organic, gluten-free food has left me a 'special case' that can only be tended in the snotty stores. but lest we forget! my town started community leagues in canada (says my bus driver, who is awesome). the power of the community translates to large chain grocery stores featuring unique foods, neighbourhood by neighbourhood.

and to think, they all looked the same to me, that is, normal. clearly this is an area i've gone all judgy on, considering this mega-chain has my favourite brand of organic yogourt and organic edamamé. not to mention the okra!!! okra and onion curry - sabzi bindhi piyaz, hello! terriblbly unpracticed version aside, it's incredibly yummy.

other than that, since it's -25 (that's celsius), i have been staying in. the first cold snap is always rife with cancelled plans. up in the north, we know that. board meetings come through; 'lunch' does not. fuck lunch. fuck lunch until it feels appropriate to step out into the cold, with warm wool mittens, and still have numb fingers after ten minutes. since that is not today, lunch is fucked.

besides, i have okra. what else do i need, really? i walked the dogs, they were happy to come home. we are all in agreement. we now listen to neko case, and feel dissatisfied.

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