July 12, 2009

precious lost time

enjoying the weekend sincerely, even as i battle a chestcold. me and my army of garlic are on the prowl. (my army of garlic includes lemon, ginger, cayenne, and nin jiom, which is available at your local chinese herbalist's as well as the corporate whore megastore further down the road of sin.)

it's my current belief that if i drag myself out to a few activities, i can then feel healthy about hiding away in my princess cubbyhole for the rest of the weekend. the market was a bit hellish, truthfully, but the pro-wrestling show was far more fun than i had been expecting. who wouldn't love a bunch of men acting out play-fights? this is better than sports! cooler costumes, plotlines, more rule-breaking... and just as many crazy fans. plus i have new respect for people who work the spotlight at a show. it requires concentration to point the big arrow everywhere. that's a lot of influence.

i've spent the rest of the weekend crafting out a double-cd for a special friend (yes, the same special friend. it seems i'm developing a steady special friend. what can i say except "wow, i don't know what to say"). it's based off one mood playlist (i thought of tender, but then i'd have nothing for later, right? so i chose 'yearning') and one theme playlist (the nature of time).

in the previous paragraph, the amount of words in parentheses is almost double the amount of words outside parentheses. brought to you by Things Probably Only Three Other People in the World Care About.

i don't know if i've yaddered about the themes and moods in my inner playlist land. mood playlists are about pouring an emotion/energetic state out through musical choices. themes are more of a mindgame; trying to weave coherence through a random collection of songs whose titles or content refer to a particular concept or object (from answering machines and children to minimalism and sound).

all in all, sunday not over yet, the verdict is one of the more fulfilling weekends in a while. odd how there isn't ever a recipe, the same ingredients cook up different every time. well, that's love (thank you ms winterson - the quote i refer to isn't at the end of this link, but there are other lovelies to whisper and ponder and stumble upon).

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