July 24, 2009

goes fishing, brings back a change of underwear

i just used the i ching for the first time in a while. the thoughts that came to me throughout the thirty minute process were quite helpful. the reading itself was less clear. i was wondering how best to proceed in the coming months, feeling like i am at a crossroads of sorts and need to get into gear. my intuition gave me a bulleted list (okay, my intuition gave me whatever, and my mind summed it up in a neatly bulleted list).
  • prophetic help from the universe
  • reasonable expectations
  • taking care of oneself
  • relaxation
  • practicing fears and responses
  • keeping a clear mind
  • focusing
the reading implied that the foundation i have built for myself is less sturdy than i imagine it to be, and that i should get some advice from an elder about how best to make amends for my sloppy carpentry. it then goes on to cheerfully (if the i ching can be said to be cheerful, which isn't in the top 100 adjectives most often used to describe it) state that the harmony between my superior and inferior selves can be reinstated through giving the situation all the effort and imagination i can, as long as that effort and imagination is based in virtue and goodness. also; think small and court balance.

great. we'll be putting away the party tools right about now. steel-toed resolve, anyone?
i have a fear of becoming a boring person. let's test that fear! let's be all granola and even keel, and see if we succeed in freezing our brains off with boredom! or, even worse, failing to be boring and just being lame!

yeah. um ... bring it on. gee, i've been craving this. (actually, i probably have.)

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