April 18, 2009

perspective and choice, yet again

today' s gratitude: hmm, for slipping off my intended healing path? or for the awareness that i've done so.

what was the intention behind these less than harmonious choices? well... they were made quickly in moments when i became aware of a need that had not been met and was now "overdue". so if i endeavour to meet every need on time, i can avoid the stressful situations where i make do with a fast, less effective and sometimes harmful choice.

and these needs, they aren't a surprise. eating, sleeping, moving and touching. when i do not listen to the yearning for shelter or nourishment, i do so because i have prioritized doing something else. i have placed more importance (sometimes temporary but sometimes permanent) on an external project or mode (a physical goal or an emotional habit) than on my own well-being.

sometimes i also get tired of taking care of myself. bleah. more raw food and exercise. yum. but this is an opinion. it could just as easily be "bleah. more candy and sitting around on the computer."

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