February 21, 2009

the low down on lowdown

so, there's this beautyful body entrusted to me. it comes with a bad reputation. but i don't trust the opinion-givers. so i check for myself.

first, there is something. my body has sentience (whew!), feels, lives.
secondly, that i feel separate from it yet with overlapping boundaries. there are many spaces we share, body and i.
thirdly, who is talking? i always get stumped on this point.

anyway, it occurred to me the other day that our proximity engages me with body on a regular basis. it is my nature to master relationships for the wealth and health of the larger wellbeing as i understand and feel it. i wish not just to use my body as a tool, or even care for it as a pet, nor do i wish to direct it, much as that troubles me. it has been my habit to direct my body to serve a purpose, then drop it when it no longer serves me.

i do not wash my brushes, so to speak, but walk away with the painting (experience) gleefully. this is a half-assed approach. it leaves me short on experience. i am missing out on wonder/fullness if i don't take the time to listen and speak with the body, not at it.

body and mind. equal but different. i can spend my energy respecting the many skills and talents of my body, learning from my body, falling in love with my body. our society is in love with our bodies anyway. but our society isn't a healthy one; we get obsessed. imagine that: our infatuation with youth is actually a manifestation of our fascination with bodies and not our fear of death.

long live the body.

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