March 22, 2012

things n stuff

i'm getting visitors this week! a few people stopping by on their way to and fro, and the wife is bringing bat dog for two days! we are all very excited. the house needs some fresh air. i love how after people visit, you can look around your house and see them there.

spring has sprung - it is snowing, but the snow is melting. yeah. went through spring clothes for the dumpling.

i am losing the war on pink. the dumpling's wardrobe has, i think, more pink than not. there are some fabulous non-pink things that i (and she, mostly cuz of the zippers) love her wearing, and there are even a few cute pink things. but when half the laundry is pink, it's a bit weird. for me, anyway.

i signed up to volunteer at a festival this summer, and arranged for the dumpling to go to "festival of grandparents" on the same weekend. it will be the first time since before christmas that i will be dumpling-free overnight. i can't even think about what that means. my pre-baby brain (what's left of it, anyway) boggles in astonishment.

the queen and i did our taxes tonight. it was pathetic and terrible, but at least tomorrow i can mail them and they will be gone. i find the government very pissy today. they can suck my hangnail.


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