March 17, 2012

an entire post to get to one question

how do you deal with a zealot?

and to clarify, i don't mean 'how do you change the mind of a zealot' or 'how do you deal with the fact that there are zealots in the world; making decisions, "teaching" your children.'

how do you actually connect with a zealot? communication. i mean, i don't actually want to hear what a zealot says. my bias, apart from any biases the other might have, prevents any clear-headed understanding of what they are saying. i just hear what will support my judgments.

... which is, essentially, my definition of current-day zealotry (historical zealotry being perhaps different, non?). i looked up the wiktionary definition of being zealous and realized that i am actually referring to being overzealous. i fear passion; specifically, i distrust how it blocks the voice of caution (i'm not going to say 'reason'. i don't believe in that word anymore).

i know that caution can cause accidents. going too slow on the highway, being too slow to convict a hitler, etc. i have no reason to distrust passion more than caution. i'm not sure if i am even capable of separating passion from desperation.

how do you deal with that part of yourself that wants something so strongly it won't see any other option?

in other news: click if you need a mantra for your anxiety or if you are looking to renew the reality in your writing.

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  1. Your question is a good one. You can create grounded golden Supreme Being evolution bubbles around yourself and evolve their energy when it gets in your space. That will piss them off enough to get out of your space or make being around you intolerable...

    The thing is that listening to what they say isn't as important as seeing where they are stuck. What picture are they stuck on? It's hugely educational and funny.

    Usually it's a fear picture or control picture. And usually a control picture is "I need to control you so I don't have to blow my own picture or deal with my own shit."

    These beings and people are totally out of communication with themselves. So put them into communication with that really super high 10th chakra style gold.

    And to answer your second question I would say neutrality, lots of amusement, and a dash of whatever you do to realize how large and eternal things are. Like Howard Moon says, "Going fishing isn't about catching fish."