January 2, 2012

more mayan jokes please

ushering in the new year with an entirely sick household. hopefully we all get over it soon. 'tis the season of germ-passing. ho ho hack up a lung.

so we've eaten lots of soup, drank lots of tea and slothed about like the sloths we secretly are. this morning the queen made us soup and tea and brought in juice boxes and we ate in bed with the dumpling eating bits of soup in bed too (less of a disaster than one might have reasonably expected. poor thing, her disaster capacity is down due to illness). now we've moved out to the living room. i got dressed but the queen is still in his bathrobe.

so, down with the wildlife calendar and up with the firefighters, search and rescue teams and other moustachioed heroes.

random time passed as i forgot about this blog entry. new day:

the queen: maybe we should rename olive something that starts with b, you know, so we can be the four bees.
me: bolive?
the queen: excuse me?
me: bolive.

of course, we were both ill, so it seemed funnier. i'm feeling better (but i know it's still in there), the dumpling ate a full breakfast today (it worries me when her horse-like appetite takes time off) and the queen is still down for the count, sleeping it off. you know how when you're pretty sick, it infiltrates your dreams? yeah, i don't remember them, but they've been weird. and the queen mumbled something about his dreams. i told him the pink elephants would save him, and left him a mug of tea. i am off to eat pickles now. for some reason (no, not preggers, promise) i have seriously been craving pickles. what does that mean? i have eaten half a jar recently. and i look forward to more today.

okay, time to finish that tiny writing gig, clean the bathroom and finish a letter. slowly. with pickles.

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