August 22, 2011

hilarity, and beer.

so i'm sitting here, drinking an illicit afternoon beer. (yes, i know. the gluten! the gluten! what can i say? the queen and the weather have worn me down. plus i hear that the lighter beers have less barley or something. by this i mean heineken, not the nasty coors.) the peanut has tooth number two coming in, so there have been random furious midnight awakenings. today has been reasonably good, and a longer afternoon nap means i got to do this! with a beer!

spicy potato salad awaits our evening. there has been talk of a fire and some smokies, which sounds absolutely fabulous to me. the peanut got introduced to cherries yesterday. yeah. cherries-everywhere later, it's a hit. well, everywhere below her nose. thing is, it wasn't actually cherries that made such a mess. it was cherry. one.

we made it out to the city for two nights. the awesomes dropped their children off at mister awesome's sister's place so i challenged mr awesome to a drunken idiot contest. of course i lost, but i did some great acts. deep conversations - at least on my part - and some dirty dancing with the queen at the falafel place after two shows at two bars... mr awesome won though, by spraying the band at the first show with beer - by accident and then on purpose. then he group-hugged them. he actually does this a lot.

it was great fun and we had many party buddies. field-in-bloom made an intersection getaway on our way to the second show. i wasn't in that car, but i hear he hopped out at a red light and thanked everyone before disappearing into the neon-lit night. i actually couldn't remember how we got from show 1 to show 2, but the queen reminded me later it was our musician friend with the big gasket problem who was more focused on playing us a great phish tune than his steaming hood upon our arrival. and it was a pretty great phish tune...

we inherited a strange weirdo as we came back to hank (parked behind the gnome wreckage, where we made use of the old patio table and firepit. long live gnome spirit!) who we had to kick out eventually. i was passive-aggressive about his presence for most of the couple of hours we spent playing music, but to no avail. proper passive-aggressive techniques involve persistence and repeated follow-up, which is difficult when drunk.

the next day we were more mellow; visited a festival, had a fire and swayed the wife into coming over with a friend of hers. they were like elves, which just shows what happens when the gnomes are released.

i was reading this post on puking (the end is the best) and it reminded me of 'morning' sickness. my favourite place was sitting on one of those old railway ties people use in their yard, quietly puking under a tree.

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