July 6, 2011

the days pass.

i'm craving company - this is very unusual for me. actually seeking out communication, and looking forward to seeing people. weird.

still enjoying the new place; so much so, i feel as though it should have a name. we'll see what pops up. olive busted out yesterday - she was almost immediately treed by a happy dog. the first time she came down, but the second time he treed her (by going into the next yard over, where she had taken refuge) she stayed up for quite some time. eventually i got the ladder and rescued her into the house. she did come back out though, and we haven't seen the dog again today. no, today we saw the Homeless Cat. sigh. i am This Close to putting out a bowl of food. we'll see what tomorrow brings.

it's finally summer, so i spent it outside doing yard work in our shitty yard. rental yards seem to be the worst. the last yard had a litter of broken glass and nails. this yard featured a shoe, a sock (no, they didn't match), a bottle of salad dressing (oh yeah - still good?), several toys which i washed and am debating giving to the peanut, piles of regular garbage, empty bottles and bits of wood that kept getting caught in the mower as i attempted to hack our lawn down with the push mower. i enjoyed every minute. also, the shower afterward.

the queen has been doing household errands and getting loads of our stuff back from the farm, so our quality time has been watching "house" and sleepily chatting in the middle of the night. we finished season four the other day and it made me bawl. i won't give away the story line (it's the last two episodes, if you care), but watching it gave me the realisation that it is so very hard to love someone, and then we lose each other anyway. god, we're fools. i won't argue with you about how good the love can feel, and how valuable it is to community and family, etc, etc. so don't argue with me about how we're fools. because we are. statistically speaking, love is a nightmare.

anyway, i'm happy and somewhat lonely. i think being somewhat lonely works for me.

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