March 28, 2011

practically humdrum now!

whew. big weekend.

saturday, went out to the farm; the queen had family in from ireland and there was a minor shindig. it was the first time i saw most of his family since getting out of the hospital, and i felt really cared for - they all hugged me and said nice things like they've been my family for a long time, instead of less than a year. yay.

sunday, drove home for a quick coffee, then went to my folks' place for the night. this involved driving on shitty roads; wind plus slushy snow equals scary. also, it's been grey forever. wtf. i live on the prairies, it's cold but there is sunshine, right? right?? anyway, the grandparents tour's second leg went well.

today we drove into the city and did some shopping, then visited with the wife and batdog, bringing them back home for a few days. it was weird to be in the city; i felt overwhelmed by the cars, the signs, the everything. although going for indian food helped the overstimulation a lot.

but now i'm exhausted. guess i'm still in recovery mode.

this week looks busy too. doctor's appointment, optometrist's appointment, fieldinbloom is visiting, then possibly a road trip out to visit the awesomes in the next province over. we want to get as much of this stuff done before the queen goes back to work. and when the days are full, i pay less attention to feeling ill - i feel more human when i keep busy. but i want to keep my health up and not overextend myself; still don't feel confident that i have that balance right. i definitely still have some things lacking - posture, balance (as in, physical balance), full lung-power, stamina...

all in time. currently my mantra. also, carrying rocks around in my pocket, and working on deep breathing. (thanks jen!)

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