August 30, 2010

in honour of smee

an odd day, following a sad yesterday.

the queen left early this morning to work with his brother for a few days. waking up this morning at the gnome home and reaching into the closet for clothes was a really lovely feeling. it feels like home here. i went to work, had a craving for apple pie, made do with lasagna and nanaimo bars. rainy day, decent business. came home, brooded for two hours (the queen teases me about brooding; it's really cute when "brood brood brood" is said in soft irish tones). finally, got off my ass, put away the solitaire and went to pack up the last of my room at the old place.

all that remains is a quick cleaning of the bedroom and a thorough cleaning of the bathroom, which i will miss; what a great tub. these tasks i have planned for tomorrow and then i will be free of that place, and one item further down the list for this month.

the queen's cat died under suspicious circumstances. he went missing saturday night, and was found the next day at the subway station near the university; far out of his range. he got hit by the train. what would a smart cat like him be doing out there, with all the people and noise, having crossed two major roads? i think he got picked up by bar-going assholes. who knows the extent of their douchebaggery; how much they contributed to his death. knowing there are people out in the world who torture cats for sport is part of what makes me a devoted cat person (and not really a people person. that i get along easily in social situations is preemptive strategy).

hence the brooding. what got me out of it? harry belafonte. he is very cool.

tomorrow i am going to go walking in the river valley, listening to harry belafonte. i encourage you to do the same.

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