June 24, 2010

a whole new thing

sitting waiting for gluten-free donuts courtesy of the fine folks at kinnikinnick (possibly with more 'k'). scratch that. just polished off one marvelous gluten-free donut and am gazing fondly at another one.

cat-sitting a very needy cat. i was going to say the neediest cat in the world, but having just read this post, i amend my statement to mere neediness. mr shakespeare got nothin on ramona.

the queen and i had a very lovely post-sleep Fair decompression session, thank you. all is well on that front, except that the feline bard's neediness kept the queen up all night before one of his umpteen-hour work days, and the queen has not been back since. ah well, the wife is always saying we need more space. still, i miss him.

it's weird to be all by myself in an unfamiliar apartment condo unit thingie downtown. my lovely friend and her lovely partner (the lovelies) are off to oregon, and stocked the freezer with gluten-free goodies for me. in return, i lavish affections on my eternal meowing follower and feed 'buddy' the fish. their place was gutted and redone, and now features open rooms, dark wood floors, sleek and spacy appliances and a claw-foot tub in a gorgeous hand-tiled bathroom. it's quite nice but i am used to the proximity of gnomes, and miss being home.

after the fair, i came down with a nasty cold, but it rocketed through my system at an amazing pace, and although i still feel tired, blow my nose and eat lozenges, i feel like i can move again, which is rather pleasant. the weather has been nice and warm, so when i stopped shivering i knew i was feeling better. the queen brought me tea at work and gave me a ride home on the worst night, even though it opened him to the gates of all-night meowing at my pseudo-home.

once again, i am living by myself, though only for two weeksish. i love it. i love leaving piles of things, leaving my few dishes til i feel like doing them, using the space i want to use when i want to use it. i love knowing i'm not cramping anyone's style. it's weird how i find myself relaxing in spaces of solitude. way more enjoyment of my time. i don't think i need to live by myself. i do think i need to recognize that i didn't like living at home, and have carried certain negative assumptions every since. i think i can learn how to live freely.

i am reading this book and this book and they are both unusual and wonderful. oh repertoire expansion, how i love thee. new authors that delight me, oh pleasure pleasure.

i ate too many donuts.

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  1. Ramona is honored by her notoriety, and I am happy to lend perspective.