April 15, 2010

gallant moment in time

late at night, for some reason, restless. downstairs at the goodwitch house, cat sitting in the dining room at night, the queen upstairs sleeping with the regular housecat, beautiful and black.

a cake in the oven, product of a moment's decision; cupboard cake (cake made with whatever's in the cupboard) with yogurt, cherry butter, eggs, sunflower oil and saskatoon berries, flavoured with cinnamon and maple syrup. a few eggs and some celiac flour, poof. (well, the poof might actually be the baking soda.)

hung out with the wife tonight on the back porch. she's a-glowing, enjoying her own space. we chatted, mostly on her end while i sat, kind of dazed. we talked about future living arrangements, life plans (as long as there is life, there are plans for it).

great day off today; bit of housework, bit of reading, bit of errandry; lot of mild catching up and downtime. i love these days. the cat relaxes, the house gets lived in. moments are savoured, pulled apart and chewed up.

this is a form of richness.

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