March 3, 2009

chillin in the void

a friend told a friend, "the only thing you have to do today is breathe."

the harmony, the allowing, in that statement amazes me. it's snowing outside. i've sat all day doing very little. the little i have done sums up to even less. still, the brain requires days off, even if the brain doesn't want them. discussing with the brain its need for rest seems to be a conversation that happens slowly and many times.

i gave up coffee for yerba maté, and was pleased at the lack of caffeine headaches. then i skipped the maté yesterday, and received viciously interesting waves of increasing pressure through my skull and jaw. yummy. a quick glance at the wikipedia entry on the subject proved to be grimly enlightening: "Mate products are sometimes falsely marketed as 'caffeine-free' alternatives to coffee and tea," it says. Indeed.

i hope
i love
i feel grateful

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