November 28, 2012

bring it

yup, i think i might be letting the blog fade away. sorry folks! i'm just loving my other forms of writing and expression much more than this.

the dumpling is healthy and happy, the queen and i are surviving, the snow is falling on our little abode and all is reasonably well.

i've been taking care of our niece for the past little while, and it's nice to have some extra money as well as one more little screaming voice complaining and announcing the news. she is one, and just learning to pull herself up to standing. she loves to eat, cuddle and destroy things; so pretty much a normal baby.

for my own all-around health, i've been focusing on four pillars, trying to devote ten to twenty minutes per day on the following:


and while i'm not 100% successful every day, i've been tracking for a couple of weeks and i feel pretty good.

the driving lessons continue, the friendships deepen (and some older friendships fade) and i let go.

i let go of some of the ideas i had about my life. i let go of some of the judgments i had felt to be levelled against me. i let go of some expectations about how life should be fair (those just creep up, don't they?) and i rearrange my priorities.

she moves on

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