September 20, 2012

procrastination post

hello! i should be doing stupid computer printing work right now, so i thought i would update 18 strangers on my life instead.

the dumpling has been happily toddling around and screaming "nooo!" about all kinds of things, like not being able to play with the entire contents of our household while covered in tomato sauce, or having to wait 2.3 seconds for anything. parents these days, eh?

the queen is on a fitness kick, so everyday involves him working out and drinking the lemonade diet drink, followed by fiddling with a new server he is trying to create to store all of his data, instead of having 80 wires and external hard drives floating around. in theory, i applaud this; in practice, something is making him very frustrated and he declared last night that he really hates computers.

i have been working on the autumnal cleaning of the yard, and putting off the autumnal cleaning of the house. i am really kind of obsessive about cleanliness, so i actually clean the interior of my oven and kettle, and wash walls on a regular basis. but it's overwhelming me right now; the dumpling is exhausting, and i'm more excited to sew. however, missing this opportunity to clean means that winter will suck because i will feel grubby. i've struck a deal whereby i don't have to complete it until november, so screw the appliances and the pile of whatever behind the dryer, right?

i have been taking driving lessons! i am trading  lovely friend for olives and whiskey. she seems to really enjoy helping me out and hanging with the dumpling. they are both members of the "no wear socks!" club, so they bond over that. also, she calls the dumpling "my liege" as she feeds and fetches things. much more respectful than our term, "the tyrant".

i am finding myself short of temper today. i really want to kill the housefly in our kitchen. even if it means taking out the entire kitchen, it feels worth it.

i have been up for hours and have accomplished nothing, yet have been busy all morning. i guess i simply have not accomplished specific tasks. the dumpling had a great morning and i did a big favour for someone when they really needed it.

now i'm going to get that fly. and maybe throw out the dishes. yeah. 

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