October 14, 2011

stuff! things! time!

thieving some time in the midday to blog.

brain kind of on overload. thanksgiving was successful with only one minor meltdown on my part and several cranky moments from the overstimulated dumpling. she was seated at the head of my mom's dinner table, with a mickey mouse plate for banging on, and mashed potatoes by the fingerfuls from my plate.

the awesomes' visit was true to their name, and they even brought a little bird, who left a pot roast in our fridge that i cooked up a couple of days ago. i had never cooked pot roast before (it's an hours-long thing with lots of opening of the oven to pour more meat liquid over the roast to prevent it from drying out. also, it comes with a string around it, which you cut off afterward), but the queen said good things and so did bijoux, who came for dinner with scalloped potatoes. of course the house is a mess and things have stacked up, but oh freaking well, right? because i successfully survived a holiday AND made a pot roast that received multiple accolades. so screw you, decaying apples.

the dumpling's hollow leg has been pounding back the carrots, apples, minced hormone-free chicken, avocados, sweet potatoes, green beans and my mom's canned peaches, among other things. adults wipe their mouths, but children need their entire faces wiped. i regularly wipe food off of her forehead, eyebrows and hair.

friends have been going through rough times, so my energy is there, not here. "this too shall pass", i guess. sometimes that's the worst of it. something totally sideswipes you in life, and even that tragedy passes. so you go back to work. you brush your teeth. how different is anything? things should be more different, you think. the difference should last, like the difference in your psyche.

we bottled the queen's first batch of wine. it's quite lovely. are you ready for halloween, then snow? oh of course. of course. the race is on. i'm stockpiling cuddles, myself.

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