June 2, 2011

not long enough

feel like writing again today. yay!

plans when the peanut wakes up: pick up the accordion again, and vacuum. right now, "penguin café orchestra" is playing (vinyl, baby) and i am drinking a second cup of coffee. the queen left me a cup by my bedside this morning. i found it when it was cooling, but the timing was perfect since someone, who shall remain nameless, was sucking up all my attention with her mewling cries. i massaged her gums with a baby toothbrush (important, they say, to disturb bacterial growth) and she totally freaked out on me, lending credence to my theory that she's teething slightly early (i think four to seven months is average). i dreamed last night that she had eight teeth; i was showing the queen. they were all hanging from a barn ceiling like stalactites (i had to wikipedia that term, as i can never remember which is stalactite and which is stalagmite).

i have started to pack for the move. just the currently useless stuff - winter garb, etc. it feels good to start packing. i'm excited to move somewhere larger and more user-friendly. we might have some new roommates too, come the fall. a friend is taking arborist school in a town nearby. we shall see.

oh damn, peanut awakens. too short of a nap, mammy didn't get her shit done. fuck fuck fuck. depth and emotions will have to wait.

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