November 27, 2010

more orleans

so much liveliness here! so much i want to record, but so tired... this morning i hung out on the porch (because it was nice out, pixie's house was colder than the outdoors - they don't have furnaces here, which blows my canadian mind), while pixie ran an errand and the queen went to a gun show in baton rouge (he came back reporting it was actually a pow-wow. he also picked up cowboy boots and a hat on his way home. i am jealous of the boots, they're really awesome). everyone says hi to each other on this street. it was lovely. pixie knows the name of everyone on the block. they're filming a movie in the area, and a low-flying helicopter was touring over our heads for a few hours, following a muscle car and a guy on a scooter. pixie remembers the name of the movie as "power of few" and she says it's about clones and terrorism. how original. if i can stomach it, i will watch it to see her street, which they were filming last week.

this afternoon, we went to the french quarter to be tourists. have to do it once. got our requisite cheesy magnet, which is a spinning drink wheel. the queen got a take-out drink from a really, really old bar. we watched the tourists buy gaudy things and take pictures of each other buying gaudy things. when we got tired of that, we went to an irish bar where pixie and i got ID'd, bringing me up to age thirty-one and still get ID'd (they told me some day i would be happy about this and they were right). later, i went to the washroom and there was a flipping attendant who handed me my paper towels. wtf. i am a hick - that both shocked me and made my day.

there was a square with many buskers, painters and tarot card readers hawking their wares and services. among them were: a guy who would tell you pirate jokes for cash; an entire jazz band; one of those ubiquitous frozen silver guys; a better frozen man who was posed as a construction worker on a ladder (that is awesome); a clown; and a duo playing banjo and fiddle on a lonely street.

tonight we're going to a vodou ritual; tomorrow a gnostic mass. right now i'm taking a nap.

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